The good old Teochew tune

The 43-year old Yuan Xing Chao Zhou Restaurant (formerly known as Guan Hin restaurant) sings a different tune from the fancy restaurants sprouting in Singapore. In its cosy ambience, it serves up honest, authentic Teochew cuisine that is a rare find in some fancier restaurants. While savoring its specialties like cold milt crabs, sambal crayfish, braised goose, stir-fried yellow chives topped with crispy fried fish and the decadent sweet yam paste with pumpkin and ginko nuts, diners reminisces the sweet memories of old world Singapore. YuanXing has captured the hearts of its many loyal diners through its steadfast belief in staying true to the Teochew cuisine spirit – depending on freshness and quality of ingredients for taste and flavour. If you have not visited YuanXing yet, just make a trip down and you will find yourself returning for more!